Saba’s last wish


I’m KanxeY, an art lover, animation and illustration enthusiast from Nepal, living in Israel now. I also love to read & write Nepali literature . I work to find little moments of love and translate them into shapes & shades.

In the tapestry of my life, one remarkable thread was woven by the presence of my dear employer, a figure so akin to a grandfather in his perpetual happiness and unwavering positivity. His countenance, adorned with an ever-present smile, became a beacon of warmth for everyone fortunate enough to cross his path.

Even as life’s inevitable challenges unfolded, Grandpa stood resilient, never betraying a hint of anger, pain, or sorrow. His sweet and lovable nature endeared him to all, creating a magnetic charm that captured hearts effortlessly.

In his final days, a subtle confusion lingered in his eyes, and it dawned on me that he was preparing to bid farewell to this world, transcending to a divine home beyond our mortal comprehension. It stirred a belief within me that the cycles of birth and death are orchestrated by an eternal power or the benevolent forces of an almighty creator, perhaps Mother Nature herself.

In those poignant moments, Grandpa expressed an unexpected desire—to return to his mother’s home. The man who never harbored disappointment or discontent towards me now sought a final journey to the place where our souls truly belong. In that fleeting instance of his only expressed wish, I found myself at a loss, unsure of how to fulfill this poignant request.

Reflecting now, I realize the sincerity in every word he spoke. His longing for his mother’s house was an echo of the innate connection we all share with our roots. Dear Grandpa, or as he fondly called himself, Saba, may your soul find eternal happiness and peace in the realm beyond. Bless us from wherever you are, and may your perpetual smile continue to illuminate our lives.

As a caregiver, I had the privilege of a brief span of time in your service, yet your memory lingers on. We love you, we miss you, and your legacy lives on in the hearts that were touched by your unwavering positivity.

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