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KanxeY कान्छे
loves art & design

I always loved ❤️ words, brushes & colors. This passion seamlessly merged with my love for technology, leading me to the web development , visual art & creative design.

With each line of code, I strive to sculpt immersive digital experiences that resonate with audiences, transcending mere functionality to evoke emotion and inspire action.

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KanxeY - सानो परिचय

मभित्र बाँचेको -
सानो त्यो मान्छे ...

बालापनमा हराइरहेको,
ससानो खुसीमा रमाइरहेको,
खेलिरहेको गुच्चा र चुङ्गी

रङ्ग र कुची सम्झाइरहेको ...
गीत र कविता सुनाइरहेको
सपनाको चङ्गा उडाइरहेको
धुलै धुलो त्यो गोरेटोमा
रहरको पाङ्ग्रा गुडाइरहेको ...

मबाट कसरी ? छुट्यो त्यो मान्छे ? ..
मबाट खै कहाँ ? छुट्यो त्यो मान्छे ? ..
दौडिरह्यो समयको घोडा, दिन महिना वर्ष र उमेर ..

थाहै भएन
मबाट खै कुन बेला
छुटिसकेछ त्यो मान्छे

फेरिएछ युग उमेर , फेरिएछ घामहरू
फेरिएछ ऋतु मौसम फेरिएछ यामहरू

२ बिसले छोए पनि .. कपालै फुले पनि
जिन्दगीको भाग दौडमा हासे पनि रोए पनि
उ त सधैँ खेलिराख्छ
हाँसिराख्छ, नाचिराख्छ

कान्छे …
हेर त आफैभित्र मन खोलेर तिमी पनि
हृदयको कुनामा लुकिरहेको कतै
छ कि त्यस्तो मान्छे ?

कान्छे …

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What do I do ?

I paint on digital canvas, where pixels dance to the rhythm of creativity and code! I'm KanxeY, an artist, web developer, and SEO enthusiast on a mission to blend innovation with aesthetics. netKUTI is my home .

My skills include:


Web Design




Visual Design


User Research

My Articles

A person lives through countless roles and myriad characters.

Within me resides
a soul who delights in the dance of colors. The brush and canvas are his very essence.

One day, I imprisoned him within my heart and flew to Israel. Circumstances and necessity have kept 'KanxeY' close to my desires but far from my living reality.

I hardly noticed when I lost myself in the labor camps of the desert, much like the thousands of Nepali youths who leave their homeland, shedding their sweat upon the scorching sands of the Gulf...

Check out few samples of my
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With every stroke of my brush and every turn of phrase, I strive to evoke emotion, spark imagination, and tell stories that resonate.

Samples of my Artworks

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