Sahitya Sansar

The brief

A comprehensive Nepali literary website that serves as a digital library and community platform for writers. The design of the website is continually refined to ensure it remains accessible and reflective of the diverse voices it hosts. With features such as category functionality, author profiles, and interactive elements, Sahitya Sansar is committed to providing a seamless and enriching experience for both writers and readers.

Project Description

I designed a comprehensive Nepali literary website that serves as a digital library and community platform for writers. This website allows writers to register and post their articles, creating a vast collection of literary works accessible to readers worldwide. The design features an intuitive and elegant interface, highlighting the rich cultural heritage of Nepal through its aesthetic choices. Key elements include user registration, article submission, categorized collections, and a search function to easily navigate through the extensive literary content.

Sahitya Sansar ( is a heartfelt endeavor that I initiated as a non-profit and community service website dedicated to Nepali writers living in the diaspora. The vision behind Sahitya Sansar is to create a digital sanctuary where Nepali authors can publish their literary works, share their articles, and preserve the rich literary heritage of Nepal for future generations. The website serves as a dynamic and evolving digital library, continuously customized and redesigned to meet the needs of its growing community of writers and readers.

The platform offers a user-friendly interface that allows writers to register, submit their articles, and showcase their literary creations. By providing this space, Sahitya Sansar aims to foster a sense of community among Nepali writers spread across the globe, allowing them to connect, collaborate, and inspire each other. The website features categorized collections of literary works, including poems, stories, essays, and more, making it a valuable resource for literature enthusiasts and researchers alike.

As Sahitya Sansar grows, it aspires to become the premier digital library for Nepali literature, celebrating the creativity and talent of Nepali authors worldwide. This project is not just about building a website; it’s about preserving & uplifting Nepali Diasporic Literature .


This site has been well crafted and continuously customized and redesigned . Sahitya Sansar was started as a non profit and community service website for the Nepali writers living in diaspora. Every time it comes with a new look , more attractive and beautiful .

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