About kanxey


I am Krishna Thapa [KanxeY], I am from Nepal. I love to write, paint, design and blog. I am blogging in https://krishnathapa.com. / http://krishnathapa.com.np/ & (www.kanxey.com ) . I love art and animation.

I was born in small village of Dhading Nepal . People used to call me KANXA , KANXEY which means the youngest in Nepali . In my village no-one called me Krishna beside in school . As a passionate artist, designer , I pursued a career in web design and advertisements. I always love to design so I created a studio NetKUTI where I could design websites .

I moved to Israel to pursue my career as a nurse, which was quite meaningful. There , I used to go Tel Aviv museum of Art & Artist House Tel Aviv to practice paintings . I took class with Gad Apoteker ( Artist House ) .

As an artist, I pushed boundaries and left a lasting impact on illustration and design. My journey taught me the importance of perseverance, creativity, and staying true to one’s unique vision.

Simpani the Village

A soul born amidst the soaring Himalayas of Nepal, now residing in the vibrant tapestry that is Israel. From the mountain peaks of my homeland to the bustling streets of Tel Aviv, my journey has been one of endless discovery and profound transformation.

At heart, I’m an artist – a passionate storyteller whose canvas extends beyond the conventional. Whether it’s with the brush, pen, keyboard, or design software, my deepest desire is to bring stories to life, stories that inspire, provoke, and touch the very essence of the human soul.

Growing up in Nepal, the myriad of colors, textures, and tales that surrounded me every day became the foundation of my artistic journey. But it wasn’t just the art of painting that captivated me. I found the same exhilaration in writing, coding, and design – diverse mediums that allowed me to express the many facets of my being.


However, it’s not all about brushes and codes. My heart beats with a fervor to care for others. This innate calling to be a caregiver has been a guiding force, reminding me of the interconnectedness of life. Every stroke of paint, every line of code, and every design is imbued with the spirit of empathy, compassion, and the deep-rooted desire to make a difference.

Today, as I stand in Israel, a land of history and innovation, I continue to evolve, drawing inspiration from the beauty and complexities around me. Each day is an adventure, an opportunity to learn, create, and give.

I invite you to journey with me through my creations. Let’s discover, dream, and design together.

Shalom and Dhanyabad for being a part of my story.