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The Symphony of Happiness: How Our Joyful Tunes Change Melody Over Time

When it comes to job applications, the advice I’m giving myself is that I am qualified enough. If the work sounds interesting, why not apply?

Transforming Your Life: 10 Steps to a Better You

Well, I do believe we have seen enough for one day! It’s about time for me to top off my glass and ...

7 Steps to Transform Your Life

I’ve also studied this stuff, and am now approximately 2.5+ decades into my career as a social scientist researching

10 Reasons to Invest in Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription

With the great indoors being our new travel destination of choice, I am in full support of adding some green.

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A Beautiful Memory of Bialik Square Every morning, I find...

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Dear Bipin Joshi, You’re not alone .. On October 7, a...

Case Studies

Web design & development

Nepal Israel Community Portal

Nepal Israel dot com is your premier online destination for the latest news and updates on the vibrant Nepalese community thriving in Israel. This portal...
Content & copywriting

Khabar Site Magazine is an entertainment news magazine news portal. I designed an engaging and dynamic website for an eMagazine, a news magazine platform. The website...
Branding & visual design

Sahitya Sansar

I designed a comprehensive Nepali literary website that serves as a digital library and community platform for writers. This website allows writers to register...