Bhanu Sandesh

The brief

A customized website created in google’s free blogger platform . Responsive and user friendly interface.

Project Description is designed in google’s free blogger platform. I always loved blogger. Since is blogger is quite easy to update for beginners . Its a news style blogger website which delivers news and events of Tanahun, Nepal

Cost-Free Hosting and Bandwidth

One of the most compelling reasons to choose Blogger is that it eliminates the need for hosting and bandwidth payments. Unlike many other blogging platforms that require you to pay for web hosting services, Blogger is entirely free. Google provides the hosting, which means your blog can handle large amounts of traffic without incurring additional costs. This is particularly beneficial for beginners who may not want to invest heavily in their blog from the outset.

Google’s free Blogger platform shines as an ideal choice for those who wants cost-effective website, user-friendly interface, and robust media upload facilities, Blogger provides a hassle-free entry into the internet world.



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